Do You Need New Brakes?

Whether you drive a 2018 Mazda CX-3 or a Mazda, you’ll need to replace certain parts on your automobile as time passes and your odometer racks up more mileage. Every car on the road has components that will wear out over time, including yours. While you probably already know you’ll need to replace your oil and oil filter regularly, those are far from the only things you’ll need to tend to.

When you have to replace a part on your Mazda vehicle, you’ll find what you need in our Mazda parts department near Federal Way, WA. Once you have the parts you want, you can have them installed in our Mazda service center.

If you own or lease your vehicle long enough, it’s likely that you’ll have to replace your brakes at some point. You should always be mindful of your brakes’ health so it’s not a surprise when you have to get new ones. In general, it’s wise to have your brakes inspected every time you get a tire rotation, which is roughly every six months.

Even if you have your brakes inspected regularly, you should still be on the lookout for any signs that indicate your brakes need the attention of a professional. Here are some of the signs you should keep an eye out for:

  • Squealing, screeching, or grinding emanating from your wheel wells
  • A soft feel to your brake pedal when you step on it
  • The nose of your car pulling to one side or your vehicle being difficult to control when you’re braking
  • Pulsations in your brake pedal when you step on it
  • Your car needing a longer distance to stop

If you’ve noticed any of the signs just mentioned or it’s been a while since you had your brakes inspected, bring your car into our Puyallup, WA Mazda service center. We look forward to serving you at Milam Mazda soon. And don’t forget to check out our constantly updated specials to help you save on your next visit.